Quinta Beira-Mar

The Rooms


Chorao Flower Chorao bedroom

Large ground floor double with an ensuite shower room. There is an option to add a single or double bed in this room

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Morriao Flower Morriao bedroom

A twin room with a balcony and shared bathroom opposite.

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Malva Flower Malva bedroom

Double room on the first floor with a balcony and a view of the coast line. A Large bathroom is opposite.

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Raiz-Divina Flower Raiz-Divina bedroom

large double room with a balcony and small ensuite shower room, there is an option to add an extra single bed in this room.

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Cardo Flower Cardo bedroom

Large double room with a balcony and another fantastic view of the sea, there is a large bathroom just opposite.

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Perpetua Flower Perpetua bedroom

Large attic bedroom with a skylight, ideal for children or as a large family room. The bathroom is next door.

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